Monday, April 11, 2016

Time For Trump To Apply The Art Of The Deal!

After watching Trump implode due to not understanding the delegate selection rules
His Art of the Deal that he highly touts seems like a book to be read only by fools
If it actually contains some useful negotiating tips those have not been retained by him in his head
Witness his lack of preparation and proclivity to hurl personal insults instead
What is ever to be gained at the negotiating table
By leveling demeaning personal attacks which make his negotiating skill a suspect fable
What this poet sees is the classic example of a one man band
Due to ego and narcissism unable to surround himself with experienced helping hands
If he did not the delegate selection process clearly understand
How could he possibly be expected to deal with the complex domestic and foreign issues facing this land?
With women representing a majority of the voters and his unfavorability rating even among Reds off the charts
By attacking Cruz’s wife or Carly’s face with disgusting-to-women-no-place-in-politics remarks?
The process whereby the voters do not have the ability to the delegates elect may be corrupt
But to attack the RNC and charge the use of Gestapo tactics only insures that on election the passions of disunity will erupt
It may well be that to go with Cruz
Is a surefire way in the fall to lose
The only adult in this sordid mess
With Cruz and Trump causing massive down ticket distress
Is the governor of Ohio a swing state the Reds have to win
 If the angry white voters somehow put Trump over the top they will have committed a mortal political sin.
© April 11, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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