Monday, April 25, 2016

Another Beheading In The Philippines Time To Name Radical Islam And Kill It?

Our NATO ally Turkey is under great strain
As ISIS wannabe martyrs are pouring across the border like a monsoon rain
It announced today that 3,300 jihadist terrorists it would deport
Too bad it did not execute these potential killers like cancerous warts
The Caliphate in Syria and Iraq
Is the magnet attracting these fanatics to kill there or kill when they come back
Radical Islam has forfeited its place to be counted among human heads
When it desires to behead Christians and so called apostates instead
A Canadian hostage beheaded today in the Philippines
The need for blood from these jihadists we are failing to wean
Maybe the scholars are right and the more we kill the faster the martyrs grow
Like a Lake Erie blizzard dumping in hours several feet of snow
Our president on this global terror in his fading nine months when it comes to Radical Islam is without a clue
More concerned to the minds of the politically correct left try to woo
When an ideology he still refuses to name
Is hell bent on playing the killing Americans game
As Americans we should put the 250 special ops being sent into Syria in our most urgent  prayers
The tip of a spear with a shaft woefully lacking in support from the air
MacArthur was right on point when asked to military failures to explain
“Too little too late” came from this most famous general’s brain
250 when earlier ten thousand would have been needed to kill the JV ISIS in its tracks
Once again this feckless leader shows that courage and strength he lacks
© April 25, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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