Saturday, April 30, 2016

19,000 Illegal "Hortons" To Sink HRC

Obama has had during his 7 ¼  years in the Oval Office many labels
When it comes to leading against the war on terror MIA is true not a fable
He has been a CinC in terms of name only and not in terms of actual acts
The nation is more vulnerable since 9/11 to terrorists’ attacks
Beheadings, bombings and shootings here and abroad and his responsive instinct?
Say a few words about his outrage and then flee to raise funds or test his skills on the nearest links.
Here we today have a new label to describe our CinC and it is KBIA
Reports of 19,000 convicted illegals released to their criminal skills display
Kate Stenle who is the poster child for a failed border system run amok
Killed by an multideported alien walking with her father before his bullet struck
Of these criminal scum released over 200 murders they did commit
Yet they were released not across the border where Trump’s wall might hinder a readmit
But back into this nation to rape, pillage, steal and continue their criminal reign of terror
When it comes to protecting the border ICE’s boots are trying but this administration can only commit deadly errors.
The illegal who is here trying desperately to better his or his family’s life despite wage pressures on American jobs we should not fear
But the criminal element who the Blues like Obama and Hillary will not deport should bring rage to voting both anger and tears
HRC though she may not know it yet has just witnessed the revival of the Horton case
If Trump latches on and expands any chance of her winning even if not indicted will be erased
Before Trump spoke in Costa Mesa a black father of a dead son spoke on the stage
Backed by photos of dead Americans killed by illegals which with this porous border we all should be enraged
We are all concerned with the trickle of radical Islamist that are coming to America to do us harm
While right under our noses without fanfare Obama is not deporting only releasing 19,000 who and the media save Fox raises no alarm
Trump’s mantra should be “Make America great again but also keep us safe by deporting not releasing”
Then and only then will we have any chance of see violence against our citizens who Obama wants to disarm decreasing.
One Willie Horton Dukakis’ campaign rightfully destroyed
19,000 illegal “Hortons” images hopefully Trump will employ
© April 30, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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