Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Obama Admits His Acts In Lybia Urged By Hillary Was Mistake

I thought I would never see the day
Given the extent of Obama’s ego and his narcissism always in play
Yet to my complete and utter surprise our president has admitted a mistake
If he could only have a mulligan the overthrow of Khadafy was an action he would not take
Khadafy for all his faults was the lid that kept the Islamists under control and Al-Qaeda out
Bombing Khadafy and his forces enabled the rebels to Khadafy’s forces rout
Killing Khadafy by the rebels quickly led to the chaos of a failed state
Into the vacuum only a question of time before the jihadists would no longer wait
Benghazi was only the tip of the ice berg with a consulate burned and four Americans dead
Al Qaeda and ISIS poured in as under Obama’s watch the JV team’s terrorism continued to spread
Whoever the Red nominee will be now owes Obama a huge debt of gratitude
Not for his improper comments on her guilt which sends a sign to the DOJ that he will intrude
But rather to the sound bite on his admission of a colossal mistake
As it was Hillary who was the main, persistent champion that ridding Khadafy was the only course to take
The crowning “success” of her tenure as Secretary of State has blown up in this nation’s face
Like her private server a complete lack of judgment that no campaign spin will be able to erase
Hard to agree with Sanders on most points, but do with his statements just heard
She may be résumé qualified to hold the office but to think she has sound judgment is absurd
Now that the Reds have that sound bite, one would hope if asked again about her probable indictment
He will do what he should have done and make a no comment due to pending investigation statement
© April 12, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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