Monday, April 4, 2016

Panama Papers Show Many Heads Of State Like Putin Guilty Of Fraud And Money Laundering

The news today out of Panama is quite a bombshell
Tax evasion and money laundering around the world is alive and well
11.5 million documents of the Monsack Fonseca law firm have been leaked to the press
Watch over the coming weeks the details on massive tax evasion followed by arrests
Putin as might be expected is probably at the top of the list
As his nation is collapsing at the pump the tendency to funnel money into offshore accounts was too hard to resist
As also can be expected Putin against the release of his criminal doings is on a full court press
To come hell or high water the disclosure of information of his dealings to the Russian public suppress
Ironic that the traitor Snowden whose release of classified intel and acts devastated our security and brought us great shame
Is probably living in the lap of luxury as a guest of Putin while Putin against the hacking rants and declaims
The Pentagon Papers revealing that our government’s acts in Vietnam were products of concerted deception and deceit
Caused the support for the Vietnam War to evaporate in a way so quick and almost complete
Look for the  Panama Papers when it comes to public support for leaders do a similar repeat
The Panama Papers, if the facts come out, may lead Putin and his oligarchs in the upcoming elections down to defeat
If a client of Monsack Fonseca, I would be quickly  finding another firm
And enjoying the drama of a flurry of client lawsuits causing them to in financial pain squirm
© April 4, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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