Monday, April 4, 2016

At CENTCOM Politics Distort Intel Reports

The Pentagon Papers among other things proved beyond any shadow of doubt
That the federal government will practice deception to keep unpleasant facts from coming out
The need of the feds to the truth about the Vietnam War from its citizens conceal
Is alive today with respect to the war on terror and practiced with the same if not more amount of zeal
In Obama’s delusional views on radical Islam only politics rule
Distortions of the truth, changing intel to align with the delusion is a finely honed tool
The cornerstone of Obama’s “strategy” at a cost of $500 million was 5,000 Syrians to train
We all know the effort was a complete disaster, good money flushed down the drain
Now we find at CENTCOM the pressure on intel analysts is intense
Politics requiring reports to confirm the delusion that ISIS is on the run, is on the defense
How do you fight a war on terror that you cannot even name?
How do you isolate Islamists when the reality of their strengths the intel is forced to disclaim?
How do you understand Islamism when the reports must be changed to meet political muster
No matter how hard Obama wishes it to be so, Islamism cannot be defeated by mere teleprompter bluster
Any whistleblower who refuses to “toe the line” and goes to the Congress and the press
Is a hero, deserves a raise and a medal and must be if we are to win not by his or her brown nose superiors not suppressed.
© April 4, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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