Monday, April 4, 2016

At Scripps White Is Not Acceptable Script

Scripps students protest over Albright as commencement speaker
Scripps after making the news with the student body president outrage over the “racist act” of a chalked Trump 2016 sign
Is back in the news again and once again the students there should be maligned
Madeline Albright the first female Secretary of State has been selected as a Commencement Speaker at Scripps
But in the left PC world even being a feminist who is white is not being cool or hip
These pathetic PC thin skinned females who with their closed mind sheepskins and high student debt bills
Will soon be entering a job market for which with closed minds they will have not skills
One may question Albright’s record as Clinton’s Secretary of State
But to rant she was a genocide maker does not merit a response or serious debate
Her record unlike the woman she now supports was a lot more than travelling on planes
The protesters at Scripps lambasting her because she is white merit disgust and shame
At Scripps an avowed violence promoting Marxist Angela Davis is welcomed to speak
But a woman of accomplishment because she is white arouses the students’ racist pique
Churchill observed on a college campus that an Iron Curtain on Eastern Europe was descending
Today another curtain is here not in Eastern Europe but on college campuses—PC to its core insuring that chances of hearing anyone not agreeing with the left has ended
Another graduating class mostly of closed minds

In the marketplace of ideas to be left in the dust far behind 

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