Saturday, April 2, 2016

Reflections on Easter 2016

On Easter it is a time if a Christian to rejoice
The resurrection of Christ calls for love and peace from his Scriptured voice
But today on Easter in a park in far away Lahore
The scene is not love and peace only 60 bodies and hundreds covered in gore
A suicide bomber detonated his pathetic cowardly self near the children’s amusement rides
Radical Islamist with the Taliban label believing in a ticket to Paradise with his deadly suicide
While Obama continues to spout his ISIS is on the run delusion
Radical Islam is not being checked and continues on the march seeking in all of Islam its leadership inclusion
For every terrorist we drone, 10 will take his or her place
For every successful suicide bomber a line of 20 forms wanting to that corpse replace
The mullahs who preach hate and urge their followers to infidels and apostates without mercy kill
Are without humanity with hatred in spades and lacking to their fellow humans any sense of goodwill
Life for a Christian always involves the chance of a sudden knock by the thief of the night
Be it an accident, a disease or far too often another jihadist attack or another suicide bomber detonating to fight
Short of bringing the radical mullahs over to humanity’s side
With the help of moderate Muslims who for now are taking most of the coffin rides
Infiltrate and profile the radical mosques, share with our allies antiterrorist intel
Strike them wherever and whenever they dwell
Replace the PC fears of Islamophobia with being watchful and on suspicions quickly authorities alert
Try no matter one’s fears of danger one’s normal activities not avoid or skirt
Believe in your faith that God will protect
The evils of the Valley of Death He will deflect
In the end there is a heaven which awaits
Devoid of jihadists who for their crimes find only a locked gate
© March 26, 2016 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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