Friday, April 15, 2016

Pork Is Alive And Well In D.C.

Required reading by all taxpayers should be first and foremost The Pig Book
Outrageous examples of wasteful spending the earmarks from our pockets took
Both Reds and Blues are guilty of the earmark game
But the Reds deserve most of our blame
We gave them control of the Senate based in part on their solemn vow
That earmarks would be a thing of the past, no way no how
What fools we voters are to in these hacks believe
That somehow we finally would see them real spending cuts achieve
Too many Senators believe they are like Roman Emperors of old
Their districts are the Coliseums where earmarks are the entertainment to the voters backing hold
Of all the Senators Bob Cochran is the absolute worse
The “King of Pork” with hundreds of earmarks ripped of the federal purse
In the same way the Chicago PD operates with respect to its violence with the silence code
Senators are like lobbyists, you pass my earmark and I’ll vote to make sure  yours receives its full money load  
Thanks to these gutless wonders, we are incurring debt at a rate we cannot sustain
Almost all of them do not have the will or courage to runaway spending contain
When interest rates rise the party will be over as interest payments will most discretionary spending curtail
At 19 trillion dollars of national debt each 25 basis points rise, 47.5 billion more in costs is the fine print detail
From defense to whatever worthy social programs, the train of prosperity and security is going to be derailed
Social Security will be going broke with all the disasters to the seniors that such failure will entail
We will be at a point where even if we tax the billionaires and millionaires at 100 percent
In reducing our deficit or our national debt we will be making not the slightest dent
The national food holiday on April 15 is another form of pork, glazed ham
Highly symbolic as our spending spree politicians the dreams of our children and grandchildren completely slam
© April 15, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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