Saturday, April 9, 2016

Sick Joke As Bill Maher Urges GOP To Back Hillary

Bill Maher’s sick sense of humor and leftist slant was again on display
Comparing Cruz without the weight loss benefits to Jared Fogle, ex-spokesman for Subway
If the GOP as Bill Maher is like a pee-stained house of dead cats
Bill Maher's comedy is like a floor littered with birthday balloons long since flat
Or glasses of warm champagne with cigarette butts and with the bubbles long gone
Or a clueless, arrogant owner without a doggie bag who ignores his dog crapping on your well kept lawn
His humor stinks and his observations on Hillary stink
He should be leading the debate over whether her jumpsuit will be striped, orange or pink
She is the true Zombie not Trump with all human qualities of true accomplishments, judgment,  trust and honesty long since shed
Only because of party bosses will she remain in the delegate count ahead
Clinton or Sanders for the middle class destroyed by Obama what a despicable
Hobson's Choice!
No one in D.C. on either side will listen to the outside the Beltway angry and disgusted voters' voices
No wonder Trump is attracting voters with two ideas far too simple
Make America great again and build a wall for his vote getting his holy temple
While the one candidate who could govern and bring this country back
John Kasich wallows far behind as delegates and money he still lacks
© April 9, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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