Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Blue Superdelegates May Rob Sanders Of Nomination

Sanders’ supporters are engaged in a full court press
To the influence of the Blue  superdelegates suppress
 In a case of electoral déjà vu
Like before the 17th Amendment best describes the primary process of the Blues
There are 719 superdelegates who can support a candidate regardless of the vote of voters in their state
Like lemmings over the cliff 419 have announced for Hillary with but 31 for Sanders, a cause for him to the process berate
It may be appropriate to reward party leaders with delegate status
But not to put the democratic process in a corrupt hiatus
A fundament basis for this democracy is one man one vote
Not one man and a vote that by superdelegates Hillary can demote
If I were a Blue dumb enough to Sanders support
And at convention Sanders is only a few pledged delegates short
And due to the superdelegates the nomination she wins
On Election Day I would be staying home tossing away my sample ballot into the trash bin
Why vote for a person who is above the law with lousy judgment and cannot tell the truth
The only reason that might prod me to head on election day to the voting booth
Would be to at least vote on propositions, vote solely down ballot or holding my nose to vote against Trump or Cruz
If Hillary does not get everyone of Sanders supporters, then much more likely than not she will lose
On the Red side Trump’s one man band campaign is ranting that the process is rigged and corrupt
As Cruz following the primary rules is slowly Trump’s race to the magic number beginning to disrupt
Political theater with no one on the first ballot getting a majority not a plurality of the delegates to the nomination win
Trump will be frowning, Cruz will be smiling but Kasich will be sporting an ear to  ear grin
It will not come as a shock
Trump’s delegates will drop him like a hot rock,
Start moving to Kasich as the only adult candidate on the convention floor
Slipping away from “Lyin’ Ted” as his acts against Carson and Rubio they will no longer ignore
If Kasich, the motivation to vote of the Sanders youth
Will dry up in a New York second and they will not go to the voting booth
We as a nation will owe this 719 non pledged delegates a huge debt of gratitude
We will be rescued from 4 more Obama like years instead of a needed Red interlude  
© April 13, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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