Saturday, April 30, 2016

More Walls To Build One To Destroy

Like the adage that a toddler needs to learn to stand before he can walk and then run
We must first secure our border before any serious discussions on immigration reform will have begun
Trump’s call for a wall to our border with Mexico secure is on point but only partially right
We need to build four more and tear one down to have any chance to win in this porous border fight
First additional one to build consists of a wall around each business consisting of e-verifies
Coupled with enforced fines and jail time for those hiring illegals and the requirements not to hire refuse to comply
Second would be the walls around Western Union and other services that wire money to Mexico back
No jobs and no way to send money to family in Mexico and the incentive to enter unless to carry drugs, illegals should lack
Third would be to build walls around our prisons and jails not to keep convicts in serving their time behind bars
But rather to keep wardens and sheriffs from releasing them before deportation  to rape, kill, assault or kill here as opposed to homelands afar
We are rightfully concerned the radical Islamists from abroad are coming across our nonexistent border to maim and kill
But the news that ICE has last year instead of deporting almost 20,000 convicted illegals released them here should give all a chill
When it comes to American safety this president’s policies on immigration put Americans not in second but in last
No wonder that Trump has hit a responsive chord to make American great and secure again and that those days of open border are past
Fourth and this may be the most difficult wall to construct as we are a Judeo-Christian and humanitarian nation at our core
We have to reduce the magnet of welfare payments to illegal aliens as our state and federal deficits continue to soar
Four more walls to build and one wall to tear down
No more sanctuary cities, no more sanctuary towns
If San Francisco is a haven where Kate Stenle can be killed by a multi-deported illegal walking on a pier in broad daylight
And be proud of its status, then the purse of federal funds flowing to that city is slammed shut and sealed tight
Will not be easy with Blue opposition to build these walls and destroy one but it must be done
Otherwise the struggle over a path to legal worker status or maybe a path to citizenship will never be won.
© April 30, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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