Sunday, January 31, 2016

Time for Obama on Clinton to Ape Ford?

Time for Obama to Ape Ford?
Obama’s slogan was “hope and change” that the voters seduced
With his bias and diviseness quickly went into terminal disuse
Hillary facing the fact that her coronation carriage has disappeared
With indictments looming in desperation to Obama’s cloak she adheres
How can you even attempt to this country try to unite?
When with each day more evidence comes forth to her indict?
This woman in order to hide her quid pro quos of favors for Clinton Foundation cash
Created a private server and tossed national security concerns into the trash
Dishonest, untrustworthy, and totally motivated by greed
The Clinton motto “Pay us and we will get you what you need.”
Finally, after 30 years of scandal she has crossed the line
Unless pardoned she will be indicted and if convicted may serve time
Ford did the right thing in order for the nation to move on
To put Watergate behind and seek a new dawn
He pardoned Nixon and due to that act may have to Carter lost
Putting the nation ahead of personal desires at great cost
Now Obama so desperate for a legacy with a positive spin
Needing a Blue to the presidency win
As the FBI nears a recommendation to Hillary indict
Caught between a rock and hard plate with a legacy fading from sight
Maybe time to cut a deal and a pardon with conditions to Hillary grant
To avoid during the election campaign the “Indict Hillary!” chant
 She pleads guilty, withdraws her election bid and the Foundation disbands
Biden jumps back in and tries to take the top prize in the land
Or Bloomberg throws his hat into the ring
If Obama dithers and the FBI an indictment recommends but the DOJ will not bring
The protests in the streets will dwarf those of the Arab Spring
She will no longer be able to hide behind the fantasy it’s a conspiracy of the right wing
Hillary and Bill have always scammed under what is a complete fatal character flaw
At least Obama might have a chance to rise above, heal the nation and acknowledge the rule of law.
 © January 31, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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