Saturday, January 2, 2016

Heisman Voters Blew It On McCaffrey-In Re 2016 Rose Bowl

In elections, unlike golf there are no Mulligan’s to take back an errant slice or hook
A drive lost in the trees or carried away in a rapidly moving brook
Closest in the political arena might be in Florida, the notorious chad
Not enough pressure to mark the ballot as voters realized with Obama they been had.
In the world of sports, especially in college football where the highest accolades the Heisman brings,
Those voters must be in deep regret over their votes and in regret their hands now wring
Any voter for the Heisman after the first quarter against Iowa in the Rose Bowl of 2016
Knowing there could be no recall would probably have bowed his head in shame and turned off the TV screen
Stanford’s Christian McCaffrey was the only triple threat in 2015
Striving to break Sanders’ all purpose record he was an unstoppable elusive machine
Today a great defensive team from Iowa had not the slightest chances
To stop or even delay McCaffrey’s elusive yardage gaining dances
Kudos to Stanford and to the Hawkeyes so far down yet they did not quit
When it comes to judging the merit of student athletes they are the fittest of the fit
But to voters for too many of the college football team rankings or  individual awards
Too many are influenced by not watching the late night Pac12 games and should fall on their voting sword!
 January 1, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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