Thursday, January 28, 2016

Hillary Proves More Poets Fewer Politicians Especially Dishonest Ones

Campaign in Prose, Govern In Poetry
She may spin it or hide behind her phony cackle-like laugh but the bloom is gone from the Hillary rose
You know there is trouble brewing by the first question a millennial at the town meeting posed
 All about that so many millennials feel she is dishonest and deceptive, about as transparent as a sheet of lead
No wonder more and more voters, worried that she may be crushed in the general or indicted, prefer Bernie Sanders instead
Instead of admitting there is a real concern she sloughed it off as if it did not exist
Any admission on putting classified information on her server as wrong she continues to resist
Yale Law School training in the game of words dies very hard
Admission from her or Bill of wrong doing is missing from her deck of cards
Already the dogs of indictment are howling from the Reds and  also from they the kennels of the FBI
Hundreds of classified emails with classified markings stripped including the crown jewels, SAPS
The public and the FBI will not fall into her ignore the content look at  the no markings trap
The scandal over classified material on her server is but the iceberg tip
The more real problem for her is her boarding corporations and governments for the quid pro trip
Bill may be a great speaker and the Clinton Foundation may do some good work
But the millions in speaking fees and the tens of millions in donations is not a coincidence quirk
Foreign governments and corporations with business before her Department of State
Must have been dancing in the streets that she was quick to take the quid pro quo bait
The private server had nothing to do with convenience but rather to the quid pro quos conceal
So she, for the Foundation to receive millions and  for Bill to millions collect, could wheel and deal
The Clintons have certainly progressed from their days of putting the Lincoln Bedroom on one night sales
One could not begin to imagine from Wall Street and cronies the amount of money she will receive, with high rates of favor interest, on the campaign trail.
At that same town meeting she used another 2008 campaign line to prove she could the Congress unite
You campaign with poetry but govern with prose ignoring that’s why the number and complexity of regulations and growing out of sight
Hillary had it wrong the order should be reversed
If more politicians instead of mouthing campaign slogans knew the power of verse
And more poets knew politics and how tempting for politicians like Hillary to fall from grace,
For JFK was right when he opined “the world would be a better place.”
As a poet immersed in similes and metaphors ready to open the gates of humanity’s souls
To enable their pointed fingers to touch the heavens and feel spirituality and peace as a poet’s goal
I am sickened to see her try to blame the divisions on the talents of the muse
To somehow dismiss the blame, demonize and deny tactics she is so quick to use
To paraphrase her campaign poem “No foundation is too big or corrupt too fail
And no candidate for president is too powerful or dishonest to jail.”
© January 28, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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