Friday, January 15, 2016

Red Debate Theater Time To Unite!

More debate theater on the campaign trail
Any observance of the 11th Commandment doomed to fail
Rubio after Cruz, Cruz after Trump
Lack of focus on who this nation needs to dump
At least Bush and Rubio indicated Hillary as a president would not be fit
But still too much bickering that the candidates need to quit
Even if Hillary or Sanders would be for this nation a complete disaster
How after slamming your fellow Reds could the winner expect them to an attitude of forgive and forget master?
Almost like a tag team free for all with everyone a legitimate target to pin
Other than Trump after exhausting funds on negative ads how will the winner have enough money left in the general to win?
It is time to the clarion call to listen and to start to unite
Time to end this Red versus Red intra-party fight
The greatest danger to this country is another four years of an Obama clone
Four more years of Hillary cutting military spending to the utter bone
Four more years of deception and nontransparency is something that we cannot further afford
Any chance of American excellence under her will never be restored
Four more years of expanding national debt
Four more years of failed foreign policy button resets
Attacking each other relentlessly will this party fracture and split
A Red nomination for president to paraphrase a vice president won’t be worth a bucket of warm spit
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