Wednesday, January 6, 2016

After Two Years Broward Deputy Charged With Killing Another Black

The recent case in Florida of another white cop killing another black is a no win for racial relations
Adds fuel to the growing distrust in the black lives matter movement across this nation
A manslaughter conviction will not bring McBean back
A manslaughter acquittal will outrage Broward County blacks
The victim was carrying an unloaded air rifle with headphones on, blissfully unaware
That three Broward Counnty deputies on him were bringing their guns to bear
He probably never heard the orders to the rifle drop
Two officers did not fire but Peraza unleashed the killing shot
McBean was no gang banger but a computer engineer
Not waving his air rifle or pointing it—they had nothing to fear
This shooting which has been “under investigation” for two years gets worse
No wonder blacks feel the police are not there to protect but are a curse
A photo taken at the scene
Shows headphones on the dead McBean
Which somehow into his pockets at the hospital found their way
Peraza and another deputy who did not shoot three months later for the stop received awards
No wonder in the black community any sense of trust has been gored
To the cheers of officers outside the courtroom Peraza has entered to manslaughter a not guilty plea
Posted $25,000 bail and until trial is at home free
Tragic but carrying a realistic looking rifle would put any cop on extreme nervous edge
Is it real and loaded with no time for an officer to on any bet of not dangerous hedge
Another reason to require the use of body cams at all times
No 2nd Amendment issue if carrying air rifles in city limits might be a crime
January 6, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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