Saturday, January 30, 2016

Hillary's Example Of How To Help Middle Class Corrupt

Creating programs to help the middle class is a noble goal
Hillary a former member of the middle class has the winning template but at the risk of selling your soul
Flee the only middle class job  she has ever endured and head to Yale Law School
Where in addition to status you learn the great hair splitting word tools
Marry a middle member of the middle class who never held a private sector job but becomes the governor of a state
Watch the Walmarts and the Tysons of the world woo her to get favors granted from their plate
Migrate to the White House to rent the Lincoln Bedroom rooms
Then form a Foundation and watch your money raising abilities zoom
Get a book advance in the millions and later claim leaving the White House you were broke
Images of suffering middle class trying to evoke
With pandering to Wall Street become ala Robert Kennedy a Senator from New York
Now to take the contribution funding to campaign and Foundation you need a bigger fork
Then the coup de grace the medal of gold
Lose to Obama, become Secretary of State where favors can be sold
Not to you but to the Foundation and for Bill’s speeches
Need favors from State only if you pay the Clinton leech
A lifetime of Clinton Greed
Pay us and we will get what you need
Create a private server so you can from scrutiny conceal
Your ineptness in Benghazi, and the quid pro quos you could deal
A winning template to help the middle class with two major faults
Only a few in the hundreds can benefit and it totally breaks open this nation’s moral and ethical vault
Reds have a simpler idea--get the feds off your back
Lower taxes and regs to get business back on track
Bring spending and border intrusions under control
Make a war on radical Islam a primary goal  
© January 29, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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