Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Mortal Saps Reject Hillary's Abuse Of SAPS

To Hillary we mere mortals not contributing millions to her Foundation are lowly saps
Only foreign governments and companies with contributions or spealing fees could at State’s dish of favors lap
Need a favor  with Hillary don’t plead or submit a lengthy brief
Just hire Bill for a speech and you will get relief
We now know that there may be a revolution of the mortal saps
That will the coronation plans of Hillary be scrapped
Secured Access Programs (SAPs) is the highest level of top secret classification that fed officials are sworn to protect
Now on the Hillary’s  unsecure private email server the existence of many SAPs we now detect
This poet is no longer a lawyer but it seems that her acts are a clear violation of criminal law
Sad but given the Clintons’ moral and ethical vacancies that are a major character flaw
Not surprising as given her past record of dodging all scandals of the past
That even if discovered any scandal over her server would not last
Time for her to face the music and to face the reality of her crimes
Depart from the race and prepare for a defense to avoid serving time
To paraphrase her post debate tweet
Which reality totality meets
No Foundation is too connected to fail
No presidential candidate is too powerful to jail
© January 20, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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