Thursday, January 14, 2016

Obama Releases 10 Detainees As Istanbul & Jakarta Hit By Jihadists

Ironic that on a day when radical Islam unleashes suicide attacks miles apart
Ten more Gitmo detainees are being their get out of jail cards to from Gitmo depart
A shoot out and a suicide bombing at a Jakarta Starbucks
In Istanbul at a tourist must see spot ten Germans dead after jihadists struck
In Paris still reeling from terrorist attacks that left over 100 innocents dead
A 15 year jihadist Turkish Kurd attacked a Jewish teacher in Marseilles with visions of Paradise swirling through his head
Radical Islam has not been contained despite Obama’s delusions
We are not one step closer to bring this “blind alley” to a successful conclusion
As fast as we kill the jihadists more are radicalized to join the fight
Wanting the ticket to Paradise as killing the infidels is viewed as morally right
This is an ideology that we seem clueless to effectively oppose
Daily, the lack of an acceptable strategy from our CINC is glaringly exposed
Obama has given up and wants only to focus on climate change and a Blue successor to elect
While closing Gitmo even though the Congress on that idea has voted to reject
We need to be capturing these jihadists and ship them off to Gitmo to hard labor impose
Social media to the idea that killing innocents means no Paradise, no virgins, only thorns no bed of roses
The Muslim clerics around the world have to join this struggle and in words not minced
That radical Islam has hijacked Islam and Paradise’s doors to them are barred ideas the faithful they must convince
January 14, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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