Wednesday, January 13, 2016

State of Delusion Speech

A little over a year left before the dreaded imperial pen of Obama is out of ink
Hope we face not more deadly attacks as his policy on terror he refuses to rethink
The State of the Union Address
Another classic case of views on reality suppressed
He is shedding planes, tanks, ships and soldiers faster than an acute case of dandruff from a psoriases head
The strongest military in his world rapidly gutted unable soon to protect us or keep us from becoming very dead
Hours before his speech Iranian videos would proclaim
Once again the forces of Iran had the Great Satan tamed
Ten sailors on their knees hands over their heads in a classic surrender pose
Strength or weakness of an MIA Commander in Chief does the video show?
This feckless President will head out to the golf courses having left us with close to 20 trillion in debt
Yet not bridging the divisiveness after seven years in office is his only regret
This narcissistic president has been the most divisive president to appear on the political scene
To him and his lap dogs any ideas of compromise even within his party challenges his ego and is obscene
 Since as a CinC he has been too aloof and absent, a complete MIA for seven years
Best thing for our nation and national debt is that he’s on the golf course and in D.C. rarely appears
January 13, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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