Saturday, January 16, 2016

No Containment For 28 In Burkina Raso

Once again a large dose of reality hits Obama’s delusion
As a siege of a luxury hotel comes to bloody and fatal conclusion
4 Al Qaeda terrorists in Burkina Faso kill 28 patrons from 18 countries and over 100 hostages take
Leaving a burned café and bullet holes and dozens of wounded in their deadly wake
Two women and two men attacking at dinner time to maximize the number to kill
That Burkina Faso until now from had this sort of terror been spared should give us a chill
Radical Islam whether ISIS, Al Qaida, Taliban, Boko Haram or the misnamed lone wolf is not contained
The delusional beliefs of Obama to that effect need to be discarded and flushed down the drain
The world has become a place where a simple act of enjoying a meal
With radical Islam on the march such act can be a deadly ordeal
It is time for all nations, Muslim and nonMuslim, to against radical Islam war  to declare
To bring all forces, religion, military, social media, and cultural to bear
We cannot kill these fanatics fast enough and we cannot Muslims persecute
That will only multiply the number of radicalized seeds taking root
Revamp the curriculum of all Madrassas to jihad castigate
Have the mullahs and clerics in the mosques intone that jihad will mean a locked Paradise gate
Where are the best Muslim and nonMuslim minds on the forces behind radicalization to address?
Where are the social media forces to the internet use by radical Islam repress
Where are the icons of Hollywood to remold the young jihadists’ minds?
Where are the forces of assimilation as in their adopted countries they feel isolated and left behind?
If we allow radical Islam to continue to exist and as Burkina Roso shows continue to grow
No one is safe or secure as long as we treat a campaign against terror as a politically correct sideshow   

January 14, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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