Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Hillary Plays Us As SAPS and Fails to Secure SAPS

It seems like only yesterday that the triple judicial whizz
Prosecutor, judge, and jury Obama when on Hillary’s emails was quizzed
Declared with his not a smidgeon of corruption straight face
No breach of security on her server not even the smallest trace
Throughout this travesty of a person who has consistently denied
Any classified material on her server—well today an IG report proves she lied
On her server were dozens of emails on Special Access Programs, the intel community’s crown jewels
More secret than “top secret” the most guarded and important security tools
The private email server was planned by her to scrutiny of her selling favors while at state
Link the timing of her actions and speaking fees to Bill and Foundation contributions and you end the debate
Finally her arrogance and ego that she and Bill were above the law
Not even Obama’s and Lynch’s biased backs can support this weighty straw
A sure and safe bet would be that the FBI recommends prosecution for failure to secure material classified
And the quid pro quo corruption as Secretary that cannot be denied
If the DOJ refuses to prosecute one would hope that the leadership of the FBI to a man or woman resigns
Over the failure of the DOJ once again to have failed to pursue justice and leave politics behind
For once in a tweet on banks after the debate on Sunday night
She was to the point and completely right
To paraphrase “No foundation is big and connected to fail
No presidential candidate is too powerful to jail.”
© January 19, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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