Friday, January 8, 2016

Cries For Hillary Indictment Should Grow

This election for president is becoming more and more the theater of the absurd
Vicious attacks among the Reds are increasingly being heard
With Trump questioning the right of Cruz under the Constitution to even run
While the war on women card by Hillary in a desperate attempt to get the voters to Trump shun
The FBI slowly putting its investigatory ducks in a row
Watch in the coming weeks for demands to indict Hillary grow
More and more emails of a secret or confidential nature on her server revealed
Other than the most rabid who want a woman, any woman, she is losing her appeal
Those of us who believe in integrity as the only foundation for leadership
Pray the FBI will resist the bias of the DOJ’s grip
If it recommends prosecution and Lynch chooses to refuse to prosecute
The choking weeds of bias and partisanship planted by Obama and his lapdog Holder have taken root
If a conviction the DOJ refuses to seek
Watch FBI resignations and evidence of guilt to the press be leaked
It is time for all Reds to unite and attacks on fellow Reds shed
Based on her lack of integrity and honesty go after Hillary instead
 Go after her and Obama’s policies as dangerous and inept
Her policies adding trillions upon trillions we cannot afford to our national debt
Time for Obama to dump his climate change fixation and plans of 1000s’s of “refugees” admitting
A cop from the City of Brotherly Love shot on camera in the name of Islam while in his patrol car sitting
Two more “refugees” from Iraq arrested by the FBI for plotting to aid ISIS
When will this president snap out of his delusion and accept his cupboard on ISIS is bare and we are in crisis?
© January 8, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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