Saturday, January 23, 2016

Crazy Times In Election Year

On the issue of national security Hillary has just released a new ad
Touting her experience to keep us safe as her coronation hopes seem daily less ironclad
Keep us safe by putting classified material and SAPs on her server that probably was hacked
Our spies in the real world must be terrified wondering when a bullet hits them in their back
The Reds look like they are engaging in continuing to self destruct
While the Blues must be terrified that Hillary’s Southern firewall will not Sanders obstruct
Worse the odds are growing each day that the FBI will recommend
 The DOJ prosecute her and to prison send
For putting our national security at risk with her private email server
Trading State favors for speaking fees and Foundation contributions with unabashed fervor
Crazy times in this election year as we approach Iowa’s caucus night
After New Hampshire good chance a number of Reds will be dropping from sight
Trump continues to surge and a Palin endorsement trumps the National Review’s scathing Trump attack
The Trump Express has left the station and it is doubtful any of the candidates will his nomination sidetrack
This could be like 1964 when Goldwater was trounced by LBJ
36 House seats and 2 Senate seats held by Reds were swept away
But if Hillary is indicted and Sanders a socialist becomes the nominee for the Blues
With his trillions of new, increased taxes, many Americans will bid him adieu 

© January 23, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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