Monday, January 25, 2016

Pacific Palisades Raising Money For Homeless

The news out of Pacific Palisades which is definitely upscale
A drive to address our homeless problem with police only will fail
Private citizens trying to raise money for shelter, shower and a meal
Before with terrorists in refugees’ clothing we all should welcome due to Obama’s zeal
We should look to our own homeless suffering a really raw deal
In Southern California the homeless are on the longest bus routes
Trying to somehow sleep or to the real or internal imaginary demons talking in shout
Or trying to turn shopping carts into Conestoga Wagons but unable to find the right trail
To cross the prairies and mountains of despair and like the Donner Party of old fail
Go the icon of wealth of yachts and million dollar shacks
On bus benches and parks in Newport Beach the homeless found on the failure track  
Go to the Newport Beach Transportation Center and dozens are sleeping on the sidewalks and parking lot
Without hope without dreams abandoned by the nonhomeless, totally distraught
On the bare ground making the Hoovervilles of the Great Depression look like Taj Mahals
Glaring examples of how far this nation and its economy has continued to fall
At least a sense of compassion in L.A’s Pacific Palisades
Where homeowners are raising funds to come to the homeless aid
The scenes in Europe are wrenching as refugees from ISIS fanatics try to flee
Through Turkey on foot or in dangerous, overloaded boats in the Aegean Sea
We have been a beacon throughout our history to the down trodden fleeing poverty in search  of a better life
Or those trying to escape the dangers of armed clashes and civil strife
But today, the ideology and wolves of radical Islam in the refugee flood are the disguised sheep
Fanatics with whom you cannot compromise who seek entry to Paradise earned by our bloody defeat
We can no longer trust our government to be able to a refugee vet
Creating another San Bernardino mass killing by jihadists we would regret
 Charity begins at home and with 19 trillion of debt
Time to delay on refugees and the suffering of our own homeless beset
© January 25, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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