Friday, January 8, 2016

American Sniper Widow Calls Out Obama On Gun Control

The American Sniper was a killing machine on the streets, alleys and rooftops of Iraq
Always there on his fellow solders’ patrols to try to protect their backs
Rarely missed, a  deadly shot with 255 kills
With each shot cheating a jihadist’s butcher’s bill
His widow Taya Kyle has had to endure the loss of a husband, the most tragic to a wife and mother trial
At a town meeting in Virginia on gun control not taken in by Obama’s rhetoric or guile
His mantra of gun control through more and more background checks
Taya challenged him that somehow a jihadist or deranged shooting would deflect
This widow informed the president that his ideas of increased safety were a false hope
Worse, the beginning of a disarming trip down a slippery slope
She pointed out this narcissitic’s delusional flaw
That somehow without the elected representatives he knows what is best for us and by his pen can craft a law
People are rightfully concerned over a threat to our civilization that this president cannot even name
The jihadists bent on killing us will always procure the means and for this delusional president to think otherwise merits our shame
In the City of Brotherly Love a jihadist walked up to a cop his patrol car’s front seat
In the name of Islam shot him 13 times
While in California and Texas, two Iraqi “refugees” were arrested for supporting ISIS-- a major crime
This president when it comes to taking the fight to ISIS has failed us—his little league team a complete joke
With ten trillion of new debt, he has hobbled our military and rendered us almost broke
Good for you Taya Kyle; one hopes a tidal swell of concerned and fearful Americans will follow your lead
Fight Obama at every point as due to his policies, our security has gone to seed
January 8, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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