Monday, January 18, 2016

Senate Must Pass SAFE Act

The number one issue on American minds this fall
Is the threat of radical Islam which Obama has failed to name, contain or its rise stall
Americans are fearful and with recent events like San Bernardino seared in their minds
Many of their humanitarian tendencies have been left behind
ISIS is in a full court press to the stream of refugees infiltrate
While its desire to kill Americans grows and will not abate
The FBI, one of the few agencies that still has the integrity that we can believe,
Has warned us that proper vetting of the Syrian refugees they cannot achieve
Obama since he is protected 24/7 should from a terrorist attack have no fear
Has no qualms of having at least 10,000 refugees mostly Muslims to on our shores soon appear
The House passed with 287 votes the SAFE Act, passing a rare bipartisan test,
Which if the FBI, Homeland Security and National Intelligence cannot attest
A refugee is not a security threat while on our shores
As to his or her admission, we bar the door
Typical that Obama in his narcisstic and aloof manner
Immediately raised his rallying veto banner
He has a pen but so do we millions of concerned Americans who will in the fall vote
Urge their senator to on the SAFE Act any chance of cloture revoke
Any senator running for reelection who will not SAFE ACT support will feel the voters’ wrath
If God forbid we experience more terrorist attacks they will be sprinting down the retirement path.
 © January 18, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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