Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Willie Horton Deja Vu In Sanctuary Cities And Illegals

When Dukakis went down to defeat he had several major strikes going against him
Together against H.W. Bush they insured Dukakis would not win
The Alfred E. Neuman moment with Dukakis riding in the Army’s most lethal tank tool
With his small frame and tiny head in the turret of an M-1 he looked like a fool
Strike two was in the presidential debate on whether he would support death penalty if his wife were killed
Deflected the question without passion or anger the killer should be added to the gas chamber bill
The third strike which is repeating itself as the Blues campaign
That could easily send their leftist campaign down the losing drain
Is the Willie Horton moment that was the stake in Dukakis’ campaign heart
Willie Horton on work release under Dukakis caused a woman to from this earth depart
The equivalents today are the Sanctuary Cities the Blues support
Ignore detainer requests and do everything in their power to prevent ICE to illegals deport
The police rap sheets are getting more and more crowded each day
Detainer requests ignored, illegals not deported to bring their criminal activities into play
It is an outrage that when illegals commit a crime
Not detained for deportation after serving their time
Add to that the catch and release forced upon CBP
Who release with promises to appear ignored to continue their criminal sprees
Not all illegals are criminals; most are at end of economic wits and cannot wait in line
But that does not justify an open border or a revised definition of amnesty to define
Immigration, Open Borders and Sanctuary Cities are the left’s Achilles Heel
Stay on message to economic disasters to wage and job loss and crime left cannot always conceal.
©  September 10, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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