Monday, September 23, 2019

Juan Williams Rush To Judgment On Trump On Biden

Quid pro quo crimes rarely leave a smoking gun But the ballistics of timing are there after the deed is done In Biden's case not only is there timing but also his brag He was the one who got prosecutor fired no wonder Biden now lags Juan normally is a skeptic and a rush to judgment is not in his genes But her on polls, Ukraine, and Hunter he's cheering rush to judgment scene Probably has not occurred to him CNN and MSM being somewhat on false news corrupt That this may be a carefully scripted and planned smash Biden set up We know the whistle blower probably has no knowledge of the call first hand Receiving his knowledge of hearsay notes from the anti-Trump marching band Biden and supporters calling for impeachment maybe headlong into a trap When the jaws close his campaign and their credibility will be fatally zapped

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