Monday, September 2, 2019

Comey's Attempt Coup Not Home Free Yet

Thanks to one very sanctimonious and disgraced James Comey
And his sour grapes disappointment Russian collusion delusion baloney
We as a nation have been put through a false collusion delusion Hell
A major drag of foreign issues with Russia and Blues coming unglued to ring the impeachment bell
More and more with the aid and support of top dogs in the FBI and DOJ
A plot to when Hillary unexpectedly lost to tak Trump’s election away
Worse more and more it looks like Obama may have been involved
In this coup attempt to a Trump overthrow resolve
Over two years wasted by Mueller’s Trump witch-hunt with over $30 million sucked out of taxpayers’ purse
No stone unturned no dollars unspent to an anti-Trump cabal an election to reverse
Despite the plot and expense claims of collusion and obstruction without any merit
A choir boy total FBI leaker James Comey in total discredit
With the Adder snake Nadler and other Blues in a frenzy to impreach
Rational minds stymied to repair this widening Red Blue breach
For if we fail and cannot
Years of unwanted and dangerous gridlock
We have been consumed by the left’s politics of hate to Trump try to replace
As one by one a dwindling band of moderate Blues fall from grace
Over 14 months from the election with very few ad dollars already spent
Already Blues are being bounced from the debate stage so their messages will not be sent
Removed from a stage to have a chance to rise above the crowded mire
Making their reasons why he or she could beat Trump to win the Oval Office seat aspired
May mean by default Biden, the Blue Gaffer in Chief
Will prevail and lead the Blues to catastrophic grief
Great for Reds bad for Blues who from the race too quickly shed
Bad for our republic and need to hear more platforms instead
On this Friday a silver lining to aid in the ending of political despair
Finally after all these months college football spirals will again start filling the air
The noise of runs meeting tackles will abound
Drowned out raucous fans’ cheering sounds
© August 30, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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