Sunday, September 22, 2019

Barron Hilton Dead But His Foundation's Work Lives On

Barron Hilton has in L.A. at 91 passed away
All but 3 percent of his estate will go to his foundation to its charitable work continue to display
Over $3 billion expected to grow to over 6.4
Charged with knocking down such noble causes as poverty’s door
A lengthy list of worthwhile causes its website lists
A strong rebuke to the left who want a wealth tax to income inequality resist
When it comes to attacking AIDS or homeless who do you want winning efforts to advance
The federal government mired in partisan politics whose efforts to achieve success rarely have a chance
Or a foundation whose wealth came not from taxes but from private sector skills
Attacking homelessness when Blue run cities hobbled by NIMBYs that lack the political will
Rest in peace Barron Hilton your descendants and the people in this nation have nothing to fear
Your foundation dollars will be put to great use and successes like in your businesses will appear
© September 22, 2019 Michael P. Ridley

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