Sunday, September 15, 2019

Iran. We Are Locked And Loaded On Saudi Attacks

Iran is being hit hard by U.S. and Allied Sanctions that are threatening to the rogue regime cripple
Oil being purchased by former buyers is being reduced to mere trickles
Only a question of time before the population with dreams of a former oil funded good life
Will take to the streets in riots and strife
Like any good conniving tyrants the best plans are to seek a foreign crisis to grievances divert
Support the rebels in Yemen and with drones Saudi oil to subvert
Bring the Great Satin into the fray
Belief that toppling the regime voices will fade away
Slight problem is that the mullahs of Iran are facing another sheriff in town
One who will not put up with threats to world economy from these mullah clowns
Trump authorizes release of strategic reserves of oil
If prices over attack on Saudi facilities take their pricing toll
Better yet he has proclaimed the U.S. is locked and loaded
If Iran for the attack is found to be the target of blame
It would be a simple task to cripple Iran’s off shore platforms
Either with tomahawks or with seals to storm
The mullahs respond only to force not diplomatic norms
In this International Day of Democracy start of the people’s on the mullahs scorn
Sadly the mullahs like the Chinese must believe Trump has no Blues to support his back
Must hope they only have to endure him til the voters in November him sack
A loss of oil from Saudi Arabia would throw most of the world’s economies into the tank
Time for even the most rabid Blue anti-Trumpsters to in his support close ranks.
© September 15, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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