Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Thanks to Pelosi First Step In Trump Reelection Landslide

Nancy Pelosi in her first stint as the first female speaker was a tyrant to behold
Never any dissent from her caucus, members toed the line and did what they were told
But after Obamacare passed the Blues on the House lost their grip
And the Reds took over the speakership
In retrospect the two Red speakers were not cast from the Tea Party clothe
And in fighting Obama seemed to pleased with status quo and moved like sloths
Nancy held her breath but secretly must have stewed
Hard to be Minority Leader when you have drunk from the Speaker’s Brew
When the Senate took the Presidency, Senate and House a new supposed House lion
Sadly not to be the case was former vice presidential candidate Ryan
Trump Agenda save for a massive tax cut bill and two SCOTUS judges little to show on the Hill
In 2018 the Blues swept in on the House for a majority recovery kill
Pelosi was back in charge but with a cast of Progressive freshman Democrats
Most of whom were not content to rubber stamp Pelosi and her views not attack
Progressives like Omar and AOC wanted from day one
To remove Trump for they thought without Russian help he would not have won
Ignoring the fact that Hillary was not a candidate but a waiting coronation queen
Totally damaged goods as “Crooked Hillary” to do battle with Trump on political scene
Trump had to go but after millions and millions the witch-hunt had nothing to show
Obstruction of justice theories melting faster than the rare summer snows
But with control of House a parade of anti-Trump hearings began to grow
With Blues falling over each other to against Trump go low
Finally manna from heaven as a whistle blower of the biased kind
A quid pro quo leak on Ukraine to put Trump in a bind
Never mind the Ukrainians no pressure to investigate the Bidens swore
In the Swamp innocence when it comes to getting Trump one can ignore
Today Pelosi finally lost her iron rule
Totally lost her cool
Authorized the beginning of impeachment inquiry to a path to remove fetch
The bias and partisanship should make any unbiased patriot want to retch
 But instead of Pelosi being castigated, the Reds should cheer
Away from Biden as damaged goods to Warren the voters will be steered
Against her socialist policies and ideas, Trump will have nothing to fear
And an actual impeachment doomed to fail in Senate will cause millions of Trump voters to appear
Grabbing Trump coattails to the House take back
Likes of Waters, AOC, Nadler and Omar to be sacked
Thoroughly weakened in House and maybe in the Senate too
A chance to increase the Trump Agenda and push it through
© September 24, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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