Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Pearl Harbor Deja Vu On 9/11

The Greatest Generation is perhaps the generation most aptly named
Two titanic struggles met and conquered to insure their immortal fame
The Great Depression on the domestic front when jobs and fortunes disappeared
Daily the flight from prosperity was the path on which they steered orm
At its peak unemployment hit one in four
As more and more businesses closed their doors
With little of the social net we enjoy today.
Times were exceedingly tough and it seemed to the Greatest Generation they would forever stay
Americans were tested as they have never been tested before
But an even bigger test for this generation was the coming war
The War to End All Wars merely planted the seeds of a much larger butcher’s bill
Millions upon millions of civilians and armed forces were soon to be killed
China and Japan had a head jump on this epic fight
1937 at the Marco Polo Bridge then 2 years later the Winds of War in Europe blew day and night
For us enjoying coming out of the Depression our world was frozen in time
On a Sunday, a day of rest in the morning at Pearl Harbor,  the end the Mount Niitaka Climb
No one alive in America on December 7, 1941 older than 5 would not remember to their grave
Where they were when the bombs dropped and the Greatest Generation rose up to a nation save
Over 70 years later, the Baby Boomers, XGen and the beginning  generation of Millennials again had their lives frozen in time
When 4 hijacked airliners turned into their deadly collusion paths after their takeoff climbs
To a person those over the age of 5 would remember where they were when on live TV,
A band of jihadists in hijacked planes went on their killing of innocents spree
Unlike the Greatest Generation who spent over 4 years in World War II and in Korea over 3
Our warriors in the War on Terror have been at it for 18 years
Against an enemy whose faith will not let him disappear
Look at the face of Mike Kehoe climbing the stairs into what could have been a certain killing zone
And you should see the eyes of another generation ready to protect this nation we call home

Great generations facing great challenges  separated by years
As we honor the Greatest Generation, honor those of 9/11 and their followers and not hold back the tears  
© September 11, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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