Saturday, September 28, 2019

Baseball Surcharge Like Higher Blue Taxes

America may be a capitalist country where only the fittest prosper and survive
But baseball with its huge salaries looks like it may want to socialism revive
A socialist fondest dream is not to increase the size of the pie
But to even the size of the slices that on cutting it will supply
Inequality of income or pie slices to a socialist  is a mortal sin
Like in baseball where salaries due to market size gives a team a better chance to win
Baseball teams in smaller cities with fewer fans to watch TV ads mean less dollars to collect
Athletics can be a short term career so rush to go where the higher salaries can be paid is a team a player will select
In what sounded like a capitalist consequence
For players with less wins, more errors, less hits or fewer drives over the fence
Boston looked at performance and dismayed its payroll took a $37 million dollar cut
Basic capitalist thinking to bring the team out of a less than desired performance rut
But in baseball like socialism there is a surcharge over the salary target
Boston is looking at paying on payroll surcharge over 208 million of 40%
Big incentive to drive salaries down to salary base
To avoid income into owners’ pockets subject to erase
Not monopoly money and the Red Sox will have to find a way to reduce
Can’t just pay the surcharge and hope poor performance eating more hotdogs and drinking more beer will induce
If you elect a Sanders or a Warren or almost any of the primary Blues
Watch your taxes go up and hurt even if you consume more brews
© September 28, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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