Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Linda Hamilton Back In Terminator Sequel

A picture be it a photo or painting is worth a thousand words
Conveys the threads of emotions into a charging herd
Or a tranquil setting of grass being chewed before a river to cross
Colors of changing emotions depending on view, to match words are at a loss
A poet paints a scene with words that may or may not the viewer pierce
To the wonder of meanings many different that can be released
Not shared unless spoken with images conveyed
That may the silence and comforts of thoughts betray
A painting can be viewed by a crowd up close or afar
Distance changing and angles and light changing to the images jar
In a contest to win a young lady’s hand a poet will lose
Unless alone or with him reading aloud a chance to his poem chose
Distance, light and angles do not the memory images change
While the memory images from a painting the mind can rearrange
Linda Hamilton a woman of strong roles to celibacy of 15 years has confessed
While indicating the attraction to a painter whose work for her so impressed
Probably his portraits would in any viewing come alive
Faces of hopes, failures, dreams, and successes would fade or survive
A great actress almost ready and soon to turn 63
To take the screen in a Terminator sequel to wow us with her artistry
© September 3, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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