Monday, September 23, 2019

Hearsay Only To Shatter Ukraine Whistle Blowers

Blowing a whistle isn't like a bagpipe-you have to catch your breath
Now is the time as idiots are ranting Trump treason which brings death
This whistle blower may well be exposed
His credibility to face heavy blows
No knowledge of the Trump Ukraine call first hand
Only hearsay notes from anti-Trump biased band
We all should know CNN when it comes to Trump is corrupt
When the transcript is released what if they have been set up
Not the first this biased false news outlet has been caught in the cookie jar
Biden must be praying the story with Hunter Ukraine and China will not go far
While Biden's credibility and integrity will have been delivered to Trump on a silver platter
To be sliced, diced, and thoroughly without quarter be shattered

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