Saturday, September 21, 2019

Sanders Panders To Discharge All Medical Debt

The Blues no longer use ideas to win voters but only try to pander
The leader in the department seems to be none other than Bernie Sanders
Not content with merely just free Medicare for all
He wants to turn the clock back and forgive hitting the medical debt wall
Sanders claims Americans are suffering under past medical expense debt of 81 billion dollars
That debt is like a life choking poverty creating income inequality collar
His solution is to banish the private debt reporting sector
That records the medical industry debt collection hectors
Eliminate credit reports for rental housing, jobs and other non lending tasks
Things to determine likelihood of payment of expenses landlords, employers and others would want to asktmtake
With a government agency that will negotiate with medical providers to have debt reduced
A sure fire way to get voters with medical debt try to seduce
Not a word about how he will pay for this hit to medical providers’ balance sheets
Details like that need to be ignored under the crusade to medical debt defeat
In a socialist mind so easy to justify given past moneys paid out in tax cuts to top one percent
Manna from heaven that the government tooth fairy must be required to have sent
Like the Roman Caesars of old to control the population with bread and gladiator contests
Only here it’s not the gladiators who must be laid to eternal rest
But the taxpayers who will be forced for this pandering to pay
Devastated until another socialist redistribution plan comes their way
© September 21, 2019 Michael P. Ridley

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