Wednesday, September 25, 2019

AOC: Beyond the Norm Not Impeachable

AOC is the new face of the party of Blues
A driving force to move the party left which come election time they will rue
When she opens her mouth to on a policy pontificate, sound minds want to gasp
All sense of logic, common sense or factual basis in a total lapse
Today she shed a telling light
On the Blues’ reason for the impeachment fight
AOC believes that impeachment is warranted when a president deviates from the norm
With movement of her tongue and lips a Constitutional Amendment has been born
No need to spend the time and effort to pass a bill
No need to ratify by the states after all we must heed AOC’s will
Trump is beyond the norm that without doubt is for sure
It’s clearly why he won the primaries and why Hillary could not her coronation insure
In his quest to make and in 2020 keep America great
He is driven to heap economic security and prosperity on our plates
He is transparent to a fault and does not sugarcoat reality
Does not listen well to inanities and banalities
But commit collusion or obstruction not a chance!
To pressure the Ukraine to a quid pro quo dance?
Anyone who so believes we should look at askance
A president who belies the norm is to America’s best interests advance
AOC read the basis giving Congress its impeachment right
It’s not there in Ukraine and you and Blues will lose this fight
© September 25, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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