Saturday, September 21, 2019

Beating Trump Like a Drum or Drinking Too Much Rum

The sins of the father to help a son may have come to rest
Which may have caused a chance on the campaign trail to suffer an arrest
Joe Biden when he was Obama’s VP once proudly proclaimed
His role in the threat of denying Ukraine aid unless an investigation was restrained
Fire the prosecutor who was investigating his son Hunter’s business tracks
That’s what a father is supposed to do to help protect a son’s back
Sounds an awful lot like quid pro quo with a blackmail twist
A billion in aid in exchange for a prosecutor’s job not hard to resist
But the sins may get larger and worse
Another victim of the quid pro quo revealed curse
Hunter with no experience went to China with Joe
And came back with a commitment for a lot of Chinese investing dough
A whistle blower has blown his whistle that Trump has pressure Ukraine help on the Biden threat
A piece of Biden’s time as VP he probably would like to have the voters forget
Instead of hoping it will fade away as the news cycle to attack Trump finds fresh meat
He calls for Trump’s impeachment over the call and touts that Trump he will defeat
Biden the white lifeguard warrior against Corn Pop years ago is ready to beat Trump like a drum
Looking at his political presidential runs in the past looks like he has been drinking too much rum
Worse for Biden the Ukrainians claiming now there was no pressure
For the MSM another case of over blown false news for voters to measure
© September 21, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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