Saturday, September 28, 2019

Only 4 More Wins Leash The Huskies

While on the political scene Reds were screaming for four more years
On the football field Blues and Reds were chanting for five more wins to appear
Away in Corvallis to play the Beavers
The Cardinal was at last looking like an achiever
The Cardinal defense broke the string of touchdown on the Beavers’ first drive
By second quarter it was 14-0 and a win possibility might well survive
Three quarterback sacks to blunt the Beavers’ air attack
Field goal precision at 0-3 the Beavers lacked
In second half fourth and one after a Stanford quarterback scramble
Shaw goes for it and Scarlett runs to the 5 on the gamble
Mills rolls out and stops as a Beaver misses running by
Then tosses a touchdown pass as Reeser fans groan and cry
 Beavers not dead and in second half quickly two scores
The Cardinal to win must score some more
A drive deep into the Beavers results in a made field goal attempt
Penalty against Beaver lets Stanford take points back to hold Beaver defense in contempt
Roughing the passer moves the ball closer to another six
Parkinson receives the ball and passes back to Mils to make Beaver fans sick
Win not in the bag yet
As two touchdown drives the Cardinal defense would like to forget
Tie game 28 to 28-- would an overtime game with less than two minutes left be our fate?
Great runback on kickoff to past midfield
Only a few yards needed for the Beavers to yield
A pass and a few runs and with six seconds left, time to spike the ball
Time for Toner to kick it true and not be sidetracked by any nervous wall
Which he did with one second left to put on a Beaver comeback a Stanford lid
Then hope the gods of football a déjà vu of the Play would forbid
The gods always looking for the Cardinal in a bowl
Allowed a few laterals and with no trumpet player on the field allowed Stanford to achieve its winning goal
Next week it’s time to meet fresh from victory against SC the Huskies dogs
In Palo Alto with a chance against the Huskies to notch a victory in the football log
The wins now needed only four
To have bowl reps come knocking on Stanford’s athletic door
© September 28, 2019 Michael P. Ridley

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