Thursday, May 4, 2017

Susan Rice Thumbs Nose At Congress

If there is one Swamp denizen that is a top ten felon, liar, incompetent, it has to be Susan Rice
Time for Sessions to impanel a grand jury to see if probable cause to indict and if guilty have her pay the prison price
Susan Rice led the charge to 1900 Americans incidentally surveilled and then unmasked
The dark side of Obama’s legacy preservation ends justify the means task
The only good thing you can say about her is that like Lerner she lied well
And probably is so loyal to Obama that she would follow him through the gates of Hell
Paraded out to lie on the Sunday talk shows about a video for the Benghazi spin
A loyal foot soldier to go to any length to insure Obama would win
Totally caught with her proverbial pants down on the Crimea when over the land bridge the Russian tanks rolled in
Probably was the proponent of Obama’s policy of providing the equivalent in terms of defense rifles without firing pins
Although Napoleon learned that an army marches on its belly
It needs heavy arms, anti tank missiles not food packages from the army surplus deli
If Sessions has his hands full with squashing MS 13
Time for Congress to issue a subpoena for this noted it’s a video queen
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