Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Regent Pigs At Dinner Trough

When it comes to the idea of frugality and watching out for the taxpayer, politicians and bureaucrats are without a clue
Another example coming to light in the UC System latest spending news
First we had the multi-million slush fund that Napolitano from legislators chose to conceal
While pleading for more state funding  and raising tuition with unabashed zeal
Brown to his credit took an unusual step
By a governor of a state awash in unfunded pension liability debt
Holding back 50 million dollars until an audit is complete
Now he must be embarrassed by lavish spending for Regents for dinner seats
The Board of Regents have been wined and dined like kings
While parents and students have struggled what collection notice the mail will bring
Tuition increasing like a proverbial rocket
While the Regents for meals never reached into their own pockets
Fortunately a member of the press was not asleep at the switch
Broke the story forcing Napolitano to the policy of lavish dinners switch
Same old story the Beltway culture of elitist thought and troughs for the bureaucrats and political gluttons so porcine
Sadly as accountability fades and greed and disconnect from us mere mortals grow is not to just the Swamp confined
Thriving and growing in California’s one party almost dictatorial state
Also in a University system in which the suppression of free speech is an all too common trait
© May 30, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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