Thursday, May 11, 2017

New Jersey Caps Commencement Speakers' Fees About Time

New Jersey Caps Commencement Speakers' Fees About Time
Finally a sense of sanity in commencement speakers’ fees at least in New Jersey
A limit of $10,000 may be paid to a commencement speaker by a public university
Conservative speakers at commencement are an endangered species almost extinct
No, students want to hear the leftwing spouting ideas that their coming unemployment will be linked
Capitalism according to the left wing professors is a dirty word
Belief according to them in a free market is absurd
More concerned about microaggression and safe zones
No wonder so many graduating students will find themselves living at home
Before one gives the legislature and governor of New Jersey a huge cheer
A loophole in the law gives Student funds over the limit to the speaker be steered
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