Thursday, May 18, 2017

Farewell Celebration of Life of Randy Johnson

Farewell Celebration of Life of Randy Johnson
As a poet not Marc Antony I need not bury but can praise
A fellow Knight, a true Renaissance Man taken from us to a far too early grave
In Medieval times two classes of men were held in high esteem
The knights, of course, with their chivalry and honor always in the extreme
The others less known were the jesters to bring laughter and entertainment to the court
Laughter, the needed tonic to combat the hardships and diseases that often cut life short
Randy would have been the king of the jesters in King Arthur’s time
A repertoire of humor in prose and in limerick rhyme
Always a joke to break any ice and to bring to the listener tears of joy
A friend, a patron of the arts, a skilled mortgage banker to employ
This has been a hard year for the Knights almost like their ancient cousins on the fields of Crecy in France
Too many, even those fully armed with modern medicine’s shield, sword and lance
Have left us behind, leaving memories of their friendship and traits with us
Never again to ride on the annual stag party bus
Never again to give an enlightening, entertaining speech
Never again to the joy of movies like the Third Man teach
I had sent our head jester a fear not poem
To not worry Randy for it was not your time before he entered the OR zone
The world has become such a crazy and dangerous place
God and his angels are juggling too many balls trying to save the human race
No time for laughter, no time to be distracted by Randy’s jokes
Sadly, I was wrong big time and misspoke
God needed Randy’s love of symphony to hit the right notes
Music to fill each and every room in His house and across the Sea of Galilee float
Music to welcome Randy home
Amazing Grace highlighted by a Seasons poem
God needed Randy’s over flowing humor sense
To hold it together, to get humanity laughing, to get them off the Martian fence
As the notes floated upward, rest in peace as we will be blessed by God’s tears of joy
Pleased beyond belief that finally He in His labors has a Knight and jester to deploy
May 18, 2017 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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