Sunday, May 7, 2017

Peine de Forte et Dure on American Airlines

Ironic that on the 6th of  May
Known to some as International No Diet Day
News of a man on a Sydney to L.A. hour flight of 14 hours
Being crushed not by one but two grossly obese men with as to food no willpower
Bad enough to be stuck in a narrow seat, no leg room for a flight of 12 hours
But to have your seat mates’ fat over flowing your arm rest into your body like waves over a seawall in a hurricane
While looked on by callous and indifferent flight attendants ignoring this passenger’s agony and pain
While airlines like American in their relentless profit quest like a movie horror Honey I Shrunk the Seats
Keep reducing the service, narrowing the leg room so passenger comfort like a defeated army is in panic retreat
This passenger who endured a flight into discomfort and injured  hell
Has sued American Airlines for 100 grand for injuries as most passengers in coach would wish him well
A flight in coach should not be the equivalent of a 15th Century peine de forte et dure
A balancing of obese passengers’ right to fly and a lack of agony and safety to insure
Like luggage that must fit the dimensions of the overhead carry on bins
Require maximum body width dimensions to board to one seat fit in
If not one must buy a second seat on long flights of say two hours or more
Or based on the number of seats in a row, create an obesity row of two, three or four
No different than a bus that can only lift six seats to carry two wheel chairs
A minor hit to profit felt only on full flights seems only fair
Better than a regulation that after an airline ad always only showing the luxury of first class
A shot of passengers without food, comfort, and leg room, sullen on how much longer the flight would last
© May 6, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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