Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Courage Sits on the Fence; Comey Fired

Courage Sits on the Fence; Comey Fired
It was to be expected that a DOJ politicized Holder would earn the Reds’ and moderate Blues’ scorn
When Lynch met with Bill for a private secretive meeting on the tarmac, such politicization had not been shorn
Holder and Lynch when it came to protecting Obama and then Clinton were two peas in a pod
With their creed of politics should always trump justice and the law, a view that corrupt and flawed
But so many of us believed that the FBI despite the politics would remain independent above the fray
Clinton setting up her private server and running State like a quid pro quo Wal-Mart store
Created a mess and possible criminal activity revelations that even the DOJ could not ignore
The massive amount of classified material on her server like low hanging fruit for any hacker to pick With an election looming in the fall meant the FBI had to move with all haste had to move quick
Not helped that the server even after subpoenas to preserve had been wiped clean
FBI assembled a team headed by an Assistant Director whose wife running for office had taken a lot of Blue green
Looking back maybe Comey was going through the motions with a legacy preserving Obama on his back
On national TV he had already said like the not a smidgeon there was nothing criminal to find or attack
Comey was faced with a Hobson’s choice urge prosecution and throw the election with no candidate for the Blues into shambles
Or urge no prosecution even though he knew she had violated the law so a lengthy factual preamble
Which brought a firestorm of righteous anger from the Reds
Whose campaign cry became “Crooked Hillary” lock her up instead
Then literally on the eve of the election reopened the case
Complete outrage from Hillary’s rabid base
He might have retained his office but his last testimony to Congress may have been the final straw
Hundreds of thousands of classified emails on Weiner’s lap top that would have violated the law
Only a day later to have to retract that he had misspoke as there was only a few
Another distraction for Trump’s agenda, his patience fuse blew
Clinton so far has been able to blame the Russians and FBI
Yet Comey’s pulling a no intent rabbit out of the hat her indictment denied
Obama hit the issue on the head when he accepted his Profiles in Courage Award
It takes courage to stand-up to and force political expediency to be ignored
Ironic from the lips of a man who to the American public lied on the realities of Obamacare
Playing both sides of the fence made Comey the sacrificial lamb in order for the integrity of the FBI to be repaired.
       © May 9, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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