Thursday, May 4, 2017

A Celebraton of Life for George

This is the end of a love story that should last the ages. A second marriage of a pilot with four sons who passed at the age of 90 to a beautiful young woman half his age. Not the typical trophy wife but a true soul mate and best friend in a marriage that lasted 31 years and brought forth into this world an incredibly talented daughter Laura  and finally came to an end with George finally taking his last breath with Becky  and Laura holding his hands and telling him they loved him. His family and friends attended a celebration of life at a golf course club attended by friends and family, complete with eulogies that both brought laughter and tears over the loss of a pretty incredible man. A poet's reflection of the love story and celebration of life.

Celebration of Life For a Pilot with God
Most couples marrying for the first time meet in the summer of their lives
Full of romance and passion that helps a marriage flourish and survive
Pinching pennies, trying in the rat race to succeed
Dumping singlehood, learning as a couple to each other’s wants heed
Shared dreams on life’s twisting and turning road
As a couple willing for the to share any load
If lucky to stay together till death do them part
They enter the seasons together adding to the memory mart
Children, graduation, promotions, an empty nest, then grandkids and retirement
When together holding hands the leaves have been blown away, the snows start being sent
Gazing into each other’s eyes and reflecting on a life together so well spent
Like two geese mated for life soaring over the arctic snow, a history quite content
Free of headwinds and turbulence most days, few things to resent
How quickly 31 years of marriage have come and went
But in the case of Becky and George
Not two summers to a lasting union forge
In George’s case the leaves had turned and were starting to fall with a hint of winter in the air
In Becky’s case midsummer time but willing to sing in the sunshine not for a year but 31 as a duo pair
This is a love story beyond compare with a father of 4 sons and a to be daughter with Becky as his new wife
Fitting that on Honesty Day his friends and family held a Celebration of His Life
Have to believe that although humor and adventure was his strong suit
The honesty between the two had to have very deep and strong roots
As his soul climbed into the spiritual cockpit for a far different flight
The memories of the man through his legacy and a widow’s memories will not fade from sight
Becky told the story of his last days of his life
When he turned to her “I miss you” you could cut the empathy sorrow with a knife
We come into this world a pawn of our mother’s hormones that cause the contractions and the water to break
Lucky is a man of 90 surrounded by loved ones holding his hands saying “I love you” as the last breath he decides to take
Lucky are his sons and daughter who had him as a dad for so many years and so many events
Lucky is his sober widow who could accept his hospice and who after 31 years with him at the end as into the heavens he was sent
Lucky for those in the room overlooking the course
As wave upon wave of laughter during the eulogies washed over them with full force
Flaps down, cleared for takeoff, weather clear, visibility unlimited at Heaven’s Gate
For your humor, poet openings, PJ’s and Angel flight instruction, God eagerly awaits

 © May 1, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 

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