Thursday, May 4, 2017

Like Bashir Colbert Should Be Canned

This hatred of Trump and demeaning him and the office needs to stop
Colbert in a rabid rant has gone way over the top
In a déjà vu moment aping Martin Bashir’s earlier rant on Sarah Palin on the air
So easy to his rant for a Darby Dose into Palin’s mouth Colbert’s rants compare
Trump’s mouth is good only to be “Putin’s c**k holster” rants Colbert
Time for CBS to have him Bashir’s treatment share
For his tasteless and obscene rant Bashir was canned
Too bad from the airwaves he was not forever banned
Colbert must think from retribution he is immune as on his rant he is doubling down
While outraged viewers have a #FireColbert wanting the FCC to fine this clown
The next step will be to boycott CBS and any company dumb enough to on his show place ads
The deplorables rightfully so are seething, angry and really mad
Companies losing sales with declining profits like Ford
Losing more sales to boycott is something they cannot afford
CBS or known as the Clintonites Broadcast Sycophants
Listen to the fleeing of ad dollars rather than the stream of Colbert’s humorless rants
The polarization in this nation violence rhetoric  has gone off the charts
Trump has been with incredible passion and hatred attacked by Blues and the media from the start
Time for supporters and defenders to take a deep breath and take rhetoric ratcheting down a step back
If we do not, we are back in gridlock stymied in any attempt to prevail on the issues we need to attack.
© May 4, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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